Why this, why now?

Things I like:

  • finding good deals and calculating value-vs-MSRP for different theoretical purchases that I never make (and for ones that I do)
  • talking about beauty products I’ve tried
  • complaining about pseudoscience in beauty marketing
  • trying new products
  • replacing things I don’t love with things I do love
  • playing with my own appearance

I never know where to share any of this (Reddit? Hijack a popular blog’s recent post’s comment section?), so…now all of it will be dumped here.

As for why now (summer 2016), I’m holed up at my parents’ house for the next 6 weeks studying for a major exam, and I’m using the time away from other people to experiment with my appearance/beauty routine, which I want to document. Also, reading/writing/thinking about all of this is a nice break from studying.


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