Bareminerals Mystery Box Summary

It’s 3 AM and I should be sleeping, but I’m not at all sleepy because a few days ago I had a weird bout of hiccups that lasted on and off from about 11 am one day to 4 am the next, which was of course fantastic for my sleep schedule.

Every so often Bareminerals releases heavily discounted “mystery boxes” to clear out items that have been discontinued/repackaged/etc. This one was $40 with free shipping and was supposed to have a value of $235. More importantly, it happened to pop up when I had already lazily been contemplating an order so I could pick up my “free” birthday eyeliner (it’s totally free if you go to one of their boutiques).

Anyway, I’ve never bought one of these before, but between the birthday add-on and a 15% off code I figured I’d take the risk. I haven’t tried anything yet because I recently (like, about 30 hours ago) did a TCA CROSS on myself so my face is slathered in antibacterial ointment and/or ensconced in a sun mask (yes, I own that. No, I do not wear it outside). So this is really just an order summary. Anyway.

I placed the order on 6/19 and was never informed when it shipped. On 6/25 the order status in my account still said ‘not shipped’ so I emailed them. They replied on 6/27 with an apology and tracking number. Apparently it had been shipped on 6/22 and was expected on 6/29. I got it on 6/28, which was well within the expected shipping window.

Here’s the packing list:

  • Full-Size
    • Prime Time oil control primer, MSRP $24
    • Pop of Passion Blush Balm in Petal Passion, MSRP $22
    • Eye Color in Nude Beach, MSRP $15
    • Eye Color in True Gold, MSRP $15
    • Big & Bright Eyeliner, MSRP $14
    • Flawless Radiance Brush, MSRP $22
    • Double Ended Liner Shadow Brush, MSRP $24
    • Tapered Blush Brush, MSRP $15
    • Medium Outlet Kit Bag in Silver, MSRP $12
  • Nonstandard sizes:
    • All-Over Face Color in Enchanted Beauty, 2g @ $21/0.085g = $49.41
    • Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Rule Breaker, 3.5ml @ $18/4.5ml = $14
    • Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm in Pink Passion, 1g @ $16/3.1g = $5.16
    • Buxom Full-On Lipstick in Brooklyn, 0.015oz @ $20/0.03oz = $10

Total: $241.57 (A bit more than their stated value, which is nice.)

My birthday gift was the Lasting Line Long-Wearing Eyeliner in Endless Orchid (MSRP $16), bringing the total value to $257.57, and I used a 15% off code which brought the $40 price down to $34 before tax. So the ‘value’ is >7.5x what I paid, but BM is one of those companies where you rarely have to pay full MSRP thanks to all their value kits, GWPs, and flash sales. Still, I paid $36.81 after tax for 14 items which works out to $2.63 per item which is definitely a good deal in my book.

All the products fit inside the included bag, which I like. I have way too many cosmetic bags in part because I love kits/GWPs that include bags.

The Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm sample has been popping (ha) up in various places as a GWP for a while now, so I already have one (that I haven’t tried because I’m trying to work my way through some of the lip products I already opened). The primer isn’t my favorite but I’ll use it (or my mom will), I’ve actually been looking for a liner brush, and everything else is new to me, so yay.

In summary: value $257.57, paid $34+tax. 7.5x value. No regrets.


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