Value: Ulta Travel Sizes

Since it seems that people liked the Sephora travel-size value post, I made a cost-per-ounce comparison for Ulta too. This was way more of a pain than the Sephora one because Ulta somehow 1. doesn’t always list product sizes, 2. lists travel-size products separately (e.g. if something comes in four different sizes, the three larger sizes are all on one product page but the travel size is listed separate), and 3. sometimes lists travel-size products under slightly different names. I didn’t realize #3 until I was halfway done, so there are probably products I missed because there was no full-size product with the exact same name so I thought they only came in travel sizes.

Some of the travel-sized size info I based on what I found on other sites (e.g. looking at ebay postings to get the size of the It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil); these entries are marked – this is just my ‘best guess’ for the travel-size product based on product sizes the company is known to produce.

Let me know if I missed/need to correct anything!

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Water Washing, Week 4

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Day 22: Skipped washing today. Scalp getting unbearably itchy. Getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of hair breakage/loss during preening, brushing, and even just sitting around.
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Review: Sephora Play! July 2016

I rarely use up full-size products, so I love deluxe sample sizes, but with Birchbox derailing and Glossybox more likely to send out random full-size products I don’t want from brands I don’t know, Sephora Play! started looking like a better and better option.

This is my first Play! box – Play! is still in (rather opaque) waitlist mode, and I subscribed as soon as I got off the waitlist.

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Things I Did Not Buy: BareMinerals Last Chance Sale

BareMinerals is running an [additional] 40% off everything in its Last Chance section with code WHOA, a free full-size gift with $25 purchase with code GIFT4U, a free Lash Domination Petite Precision sample with any eye product (including sale products) and code PETITE, and free shipping on everything.

Some of the best deals:
READY 4.0 The Afterparty Collection – retailed $34.50, marked down to $19.50, now $11.70 after code. Value $73+ (READY Eyeshadow 4.0 – $30, Flawless Definition Mascara – $19, Double Ended Liner Shadow Brush, $24, cosmetic bag – unknown value)
READY® Eyeshadow 2.0 Duo in The High Society (retailed $20, marked down to $9.50, now $5.70 after code).
Give It A Twirl – retailed $18, marked down to $6.50, now $3.90 after code. Value $36 (Marvelous Moxie lipgloss, 2 @ $18/ea). 

I’d be hesitant to buy Give It a Twirl considering it’s from the 2014 holiday season – I assume the product is fine since they’re still selling it, but gloss is more sensitive to storage conditions than e.g. the eyeshadow palettes.

The free gift options right now are:

  • Eye Defining Brush with Soft Pink Handle** –  MSRP $15
  • Flathead Shadow Brush* – $15
  • Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Spellbreaker* or Wild Beauty* – MSRP $18
  • Modern Pop Cream Glaze Topcoat* – MSRP $18
  • Small Bare Radiance Face Color – MSRP $21 for medium; small is 0.02 oz @ $21/0.03 oz = $14 value
  • Small Eyecolor in Graphite – MSRP $15
  • Velvet Eyecolor – Velvet Violet* – MSRP $15
    *available in current 40% off sale
    **regular (black handle) version marked down to $9.50, available in 40% sale

There are a couple of extra-small eyecolors in the sale (MSRP $9.50 marked down to $6.50, $3.90 after code). One of those plus the three deals above gives an order total of $25.20 pre-tax, with a value of up to $156.50 (plus cosmetic case value and the Lash Domination sample).

Not bad…but nothing I need.


Value: Ulta Beauty Break

I have been conditioned not to buy anything at Ulta unless there is some significant GWP. Usually, this means waiting for the Wednesday Beauty Break. I’ve been considering a few things in my Ulta bag but had decided I would only make the purchase if I liked the Beauty Break today.

(Spoiler: I didn’t.)

Time in a Bottle, Purity in a Bottle, The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash, Renewed Hope in a Jar Eye, Renewed Hope in a Jar

For value calculations, I used the smallest size and biggest size (i.e. the lowest buy-in and the best value) available at Ulta.

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Review: CLEAR by LUE

Since I haven’t exactly been keeping up with my normal skincare regime since starting TCA CROSS, I wasn’t entirely surprised to feel a pimple coming on. Since I haven’t had bad acne for a while, I don’t usually buy spot treatments, but I did receive a full-size bottle of the spot treatment CLEAR by LUE in my last Glossybox, so I figured now was a good a time as any to give it a go.

0.25 fl oz/ 7.5 mL, MSRP $15

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