TCA CROSS, Days 3-7

Days 0-2

Day 3: Not much change from yesterday. There definitely is some scabbing going on but it’s soft, possibly because I’ve been moisturizing more religiously than the recommended 2x/day. Started washing with a mild cleanser again.

Day 4: Some of the scabs are starting to itch. Absentmindedly scratched my nose this morning and accidentally tore off a scab. Whoops. First day getting out of the house since doing the Cross. Tried covering up the scabs up makeup because I needed to leave the house today, with less-than-satisfactory results in part because after hiding from the sun for a while my skin is now not quite the same shade as my powder foundation or BB cream. When I wash my face now I feel like a couple of the scabs could peel off at any moment.

Day 5: Scabs are itching more and starting to fall off. I had planned to wake up early and get some work done before heading to Ulta to pick up a free sample (magazine coupon for Benefit ka-BROW! gel or BROWVO! primer) but I overslept and then decided I didn’t feel up to facing the world with a scabby peeling face.

Day 6: Briefly forgot about the scabs and accidentally peeled one off when I dried my face a little too roughly. Others are starting to fall off on their own, though, so I’m hoping the one I dislodged was ready to go anyway. Underneath, the scars look pinkish. Some seem more prominent than pre-TCA, which I expected.

Day 7: Most of my scabs are falling off – several came off when I washed my face in her morning and then more came off while I was applying BB cream (because I’m super gentle when washing my face, but gotta apply a little more force/friction to put on sunscreen/makeup). I had to leave the house today and ended up putting on a full face of makeup because the heavier coverage on my cheeks/nose felt odd without fully done eyes/brows.

Pre-TCA versus current. Lighting isn’t the same but it’s evident that the scabs are larger than the corresponding atrophic scars and that the areas where the scabs have fallen off are slightly pinker/more prominent than pre-TCA.




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