Review: Eyeko “Eye Love” Liner Set

Birchbox upset a lot of subscribers lately by seriously changing up their points program. I haven’t been subscribed for a while, but I did have a few points left, and I had thought I might re-subscribe at some point in the future, but with the new changes that seems unlikely (especially since I just got off of the Sephora Play! waitlist) so I decided to cash out on that.

I picked up the Spornette DeVille Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Hair Brush ($28), Eyeko Eye Love Liner Set ($20, claimed $38 value), and the Mystery Sample Pack (free with purchases > $35). I was able to use my birthday $10 off $50 code because the Mystery Sample Pack value was counted as $10, and then I cashed in $10 in points, so I paid $28 total, which was not bad. Of course, my samples ended up being a shampoo for color-treated hair and a Clarisonic face cleanser, so….not really usable for me right now (given that I’m not shampooing my hair and am being super gentle about washing my face).

The kit includes mini sizes of the Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner and Skinny Liquid Eyeliner and a full-size Fat Liquid Eyeliner in one of these paper pillowcase boxes that Birchbox seems to like so much. I’m not a fan of them because I can’t really reuse them so they end up just getting recycled, and half the time they come apart in the mail and spill their contents (though to be fair, that didn’t happen this time).

  • The Fat Liquid Eyeliner is full-sized, at 3.5g/0.12oz, with a value of $18.
  • The Skinny is 1.2g/0.04oz, a little over half of the full size (2g/0.07oz, $18) for a value of $10.80 calculated by grams and $10.29 calculated by ounces. (I tend to go by grams because they’re more precise.)
  • Eye Do sample size is 1.2g/0.04oz, but confusingly the full-size ones are labeled as 0.08ml/0.03oz for $19. I’m guessing the full-size ones should say 0.03 fluid ounces, so not knowing the density of the liner fluid, I can’t calculate the value of the mini. Assuming that the full-size Eye Do is the same size as the full-size Skinny, the value would be $11.40 calculated by grams and $10.86 calculated by ounces.

In any case, the total value is certainly in the ballpark of the $38 claimed by Birchbox.

I swatched them on bare skin (top) and over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is my usual primer. From top to bottom – The Fat Liquid Eyeliner, Eye Do, and the Skinny.  They all feathered out a bit, though the Skinny was a bit better (possibly because less product was deposited – I did try to use the same angle/amount of pressure for all the swatches).

After they had all dried, I rubbed my index finger straight down the middle of each set one time (I realized afterwards that this smudges the liners into each other…I didn’t expect so much smudging). They all smudged, though the Skinny smudged less than the others (again, perhaps because less product was deposited). The primer didn’t prevent smudging, it just sort of balled up.

Next, I tried swiping with a wet finger. Primer made more of a difference here. I definitely should have been doing this wiping/swiping horizontally because everything is bleeding into everything else.

I was curious how much I could remove with a baby wipe. I wiped horizontally this time, once to the left and once to the right. Non-primed ones are all totally gone.

I didn’t see a huge difference in pigmentation or lasting power between any of these three.

The slight bleeding also happened on my eyelids with all three, which was disappointing. I mostly use liquid liners to tightline so it’s not a big deal, but it’s nice to have the ability to draw a crisp line, which I can do easily with the Kat von D Tattoo Liner. If I had to pick a favorite, I’d go with the Skinny – it bleeds and smudges least. I’ll end up using them all since I tightline my eyes every day, and after they start crying out I can use them on my brows (one of the nice things about having black hair…) so I’ll get my $20 value for sure, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase any of these.


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