Water Washing, Week 2

Week 1

Day 8: Boar bristle brush arrived after I had already showered for the day. I had no idea how much static it would generate. After brushing I can see (and feel) a ton of sebum on the bristles. There’s a lot of dust (dead skin cells, I suppose) stuck to the sebum, too – was that really all in my hair before I brushed it? Ew. Well, more accurately, it was probably stuck to my scalp and then dislodged by brushing. I washed the brush with shampoo.

Day 9: Brushed my hair before showering today. Yep, tons of sebum and dust again. Feels sort of like I’m shampoo-washing my hair by proxy if I’m going to keep brushing sebum/gunk out of my hair and then shampooing the brush. I’m noticing some tiny skin flakes in my hair (I’ve never had a dandruff issue before)

Day 10: My hair felt super oily pre-shower – I could slick it back against my scalp. I spent a long time brushing my hair in an effort to spread as much oil as possible down to the ends. Post-shower my hair felt pretty clean, actually. My mom (who has no idea I’m trying this experiment) complimented my hair when I videochatted with her.

Day 11: I brushed my hair right before I went to sleep, and in the morning it felt reasonably clean. I did end up using some dry shampoo (Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder) before leaving the house. My ends are noticeably dry/splitting (this predates the water-washing experiment, but skipping out on any hair products has made them more noticeable).

Day 12: Not the best hair day. Some frizz, some stringiness. Hair seems straighter after air-drying than usual – maybe weighted down a little.

Day 13: Skipped washing my hair entirely today since I didn’t work out and didn’t have to go anywhere. Left it in a bun most of the day and just brushed it out before bedtime.

Day 14: Oily scalp in the morning, but not too bothersome – as far as I can remember, not much different than what it feels like the morning after I wash with shampoo. Either my scalp and hair are changing or my perception is (or perhaps most likely, a little bit of both).

Third-day hair after brushing. This is the straightest it’s been without blowdrying or flatironing since i stopped straight-perming it jn high school.

There were a few skin flakes before brushing. Oily but not awful for third-day hair for me.

Immediately after working out. Sweat is like sea salt spray, right?
Just for fun – immediately after working out. Sweat is like sea salt spray, right?
I worked out/showered much later than usual and ended up going to sleep with my hair still a bit damp, so no photos. Overall impression so far: slight decrease in scalp oil production, new dandruff, still losing lots of hair every time I brush/wash. Hair feels heavier and takes longer to air-dry. Brushing straightens my hair more than it used to (it always just made my hair bushy, and I’d have to either put water and/or product in it to tame it back into waves or just flatiron it into submission). Working well enough to keep trying.

This is maybe half of what I pull out of my hairbrush every time after I brush my hair. Hello, dandruff. How am I not bald?

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