Water Washing, Week 4

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Day 22: Skipped washing today. Scalp getting unbearably itchy. Getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of hair breakage/loss during preening, brushing, and even just sitting around.

Day 23: I caved today and washed with DevaCurl Low-poo and used a silicone-free conditioner by SheaMoisture. I felt much cleaner afterwards (unsurprisingly) and my scalp itched less, but my hair was still feeling kinda rough. I ended up rewetting the bottom half of my hair, using Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment, and blowdrying it straight. It still felt a bit dry/crunchy/poofy afterwards, which is admittedly pretty typical for me trying to blowdry my hair.

Day 24: No wash today. Hair looked and felt pretty clean in the morning. Brushing it with the boar-bristle brush made it straight, consistent with its response when I was washing with water only (vs. getting poofy like it previously would have). Got my Sephora Play! box and wanted to try out the Ouai wave spray, which worked reasonably well as far as appearance goes but left my hair feeling sticky and tangled (even though I had brushed very thoroughly immediately prior to using the spray).

Brushed straight
Brushed straight(ish)
After Ouai Wave Spray
After Ouai Wave Spray

Day 25: Went back to conventional products. Hair was a tangled mess in the morning, although it looked much better than it felt. I used the SheaMoisture conditioner to help detangle it in the shower before using a sulfate-containing Pantene to shampoo and the matching silicone-containing conditioner. My hair was back to normal – clean, soft, silky.

Day 26: No wash. Since I washed my hair the day before, prior to this experiment I would have expected to wake up with oily hair. Today, it’s fine. Brushing was so much easier than had been for the past few weeks, and less hair ended up in the brush (or on the floor).

Day 27: No wash. I had planned on washing my hair today and was considering doing water-only, but surprisingly it didn’t feel oily enough to warrant washing at all. My scalp still itches more than it did before I started this whole experiment, but I don’t see any dandruff.

Day 28: I used some dry shampoo (Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder) before going to bed and again in the morning. Did notice some dandruff when I brushed my hair.

3rd day after last wash.

Feels a bit itchy and stiff, but certainly still presentable enough to go out in public with my hair up (and possibly even with it down – it looks okay but I don’t like the feel of it). Basically, I gained at least one more day between washes if not two.

Feels a bit clumpy but looks okay.
Feels a bit clumpy but looks okay.

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