Things I Did Not Buy: Kat von D x Formula X 50% off at Sephora

I love anything miniature, and I especially love makeup minis because I rarely use up full-sizes and I’d rather have a bunch of different products to sample than one that I won’t use up. I’ve never tried Kat von D lipsticks or Formula X polishes, and now that these KVD x Formula X sets are on sale, I’m having such a hard time not buying them…

Studded X: 3 Mini Lip + 3 Nail Polish Duo, originally $29.50, sale $14.75
Studded X: 3 Mini Lip + 3 Nail Polish Duo, originally $29.50, sale $14.75
Studded X: Mini Lip + Nail Polish Duo in Adora, originally $15, now $7.50

Like other Formula X polishes, the KVD VS Formula X Nail Polishes retailed at $12.50 for 0.4 oz/11 mL. The Studded Kiss Lipstick is $21 for 0.1 oz/3 g. The mini polishes are 0.13 oz/4 ml for a value of $4.06/$4.55 and the mini lipsticks are 0.04 oz/1.2g for a value of $8.40 (by either calculation). So each duo is worth $12.46 – $12.95, and the set is worth $37.38 – $38.85.

Even at the original $15 (16-20% more expensive than full-size) I don’t think the duo is a bad deal – I’m willing to pay a slightly higher unit price for minis, since you’re still paying for packaging etc., and the set of course was already discounted (21-24% cheaper). With the 50% off, the duos are now 40-42% cheaper than full-size, and the set is 60-62% cheaper.

If I didn’t already have plenty of lipstick and nail polish that I’m trying to work through, I’d be all over this (matching nails and lips? yes please). As it is, I really shouldn’t…


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