Water Washing, Week 5 and Conclusion

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Spoiler: I’m back to conventional washing entirely.
Well, mostly.

I actually washed my hair with the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay because I ran out of shampoo and figured my oily scalp could use a deep clean. Works pretty well!
I actually washed my hair with the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay because I ran out of shampoo and figured my oily scalp could use a deep clean. Random Tresemmé conditioner, no other product. Hair is a mess of straight-ish/wavy/ringlets because I totally didn’t plan to take a photo and twisted it into a sloppy bun when it was still damp. 

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Water Washing, Week 4

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Day 22: Skipped washing today. Scalp getting unbearably itchy. Getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of hair breakage/loss during preening, brushing, and even just sitting around.
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TCA Cross, Week 2

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Day 8: Almost of the scabs have fallen off. I continued using antibiotic ointment on the remaining few scabs, but for the rest of my face I used Isotrex gel (0.05% isoretinoin, not available in the US – my mom purchased it in Asia). I don’t have access to a hydroquinone/tretinoin product which is standard, so I ordered some Alpha Hydrox Spotlight Targeted Skin Lightener with  2% hydroquinone, 10% glycolic acid (was on closeout clearance because the company changed their name to Alpha Skincare; the same product is now “Dual Action Skin Lightener“) and am planning to alternate the Isotrex with the Spotlight.

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Water Washing, Week 2

Week 1

Day 8: Boar bristle brush arrived after I had already showered for the day. I had no idea how much static it would generate. After brushing I can see (and feel) a ton of sebum on the bristles. There’s a lot of dust (dead skin cells, I suppose) stuck to the sebum, too – was that really all in my hair before I brushed it? Ew. Well, more accurately, it was probably stuck to my scalp and then dislodged by brushing. I washed the brush with shampoo.

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TCA CROSS, Days 3-7

Days 0-2

Day 3: Not much change from yesterday. There definitely is some scabbing going on but it’s soft, possibly because I’ve been moisturizing more religiously than the recommended 2x/day. Started washing with a mild cleanser again.

Day 4: Some of the scabs are starting to itch. Absentmindedly scratched my nose this morning and accidentally tore off a scab. Whoops. First day getting out of the house since doing the Cross. Tried covering up the scabs up makeup because I needed to leave the house today, with less-than-satisfactory results in part because after hiding from the sun for a while my skin is now not quite the same shade as my powder foundation or BB cream. When I wash my face now I feel like a couple of the scabs could peel off at any moment.

Day 5: Scabs are itching more and starting to fall off. I had planned to wake up early and get some work done before heading to Ulta to pick up a free sample (magazine coupon for Benefit ka-BROW! gel or BROWVO! primer) but I overslept and then decided I didn’t feel up to facing the world with a scabby peeling face.

Day 6: Briefly forgot about the scabs and accidentally peeled one off when I dried my face a little too roughly. Others are starting to fall off on their own, though, so I’m hoping the one I dislodged was ready to go anyway. Underneath, the scars look pinkish. Some seem more prominent than pre-TCA, which I expected.

Day 7: Most of my scabs are falling off – several came off when I washed my face in her morning and then more came off while I was applying BB cream (because I’m super gentle when washing my face, but gotta apply a little more force/friction to put on sunscreen/makeup). I had to leave the house today and ended up putting on a full face of makeup because the heavier coverage on my cheeks/nose felt odd without fully done eyes/brows.

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Water Washing, Week 1

I sort-of-accidentally decided to try the whole not-shampooing thing. I don’t mean the baking-soda-and-ACV “no poo” thing (which incidentally is a thoroughly terrible idea),  I mean like, otters groom themselves to keep their fur fluffy using their paws and water (and their lives depend on it), so humans should be able to do the same, right?

Since I went through some sort of weird second puberty about 5 years ago (that’s definitely misusing the word but I mean I had pretty dramatic/noticeable hormonal changes) my hair has been pretty low-maintenance. Usually I wash my hair with whatever shampoo, use whatever conditioner, add some product or other to the ends, let it air dry, and end up with pretty decent natural waves. The only problem is, my scalp is super oily, like wash-at-night-oily-by-next-morning oily. If I wash my hair at night I pretty much have to use dry shampoo before I go to sleep and/or in the morning. Over the last year I’ve tried stretching the time between washes to 2 or 3 days (mostly out of necessity/a desire for 10 more minutes of sleep) for weeks/months at a time without any noticeable changes.

This summer, I started working out every Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Since I don’t need to be out of the house much, I thought it’d be a good time to try stretching out my hair washes, and planned to only wash my hair on workout days. Having oily hair on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday didn’t bother me, but by Sunday (2 days after washing) I really wanted to wash my hair so I almost did…but once I was in the shower I felt kind of giving up so easily so I compromised and washed with just hot water.

I let my hair air dry like normal, and while it more or less still looked the same, for the first time in years, my hair was frizzy. I actually didn’t look in the mirror so I don’t know how visible said frizz was, but I didn’t like the feel of it – this used to be one of my main hair issues and I went through plenty of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum trying to slick it down (ew). Somehow despite the frizz I thought it might be a good idea to try this hot-water-only washing, since my hair did feel reasonably cleaner. A quick Google search turned up Ariana’s glorious hair over at Paris to Go (and Audley’s) which convinced me to give water-only washing a go.

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