Review: Sephora Play! July 2016

I rarely use up full-size products, so I love deluxe sample sizes, but with Birchbox derailing and Glossybox more likely to send out random full-size products I don’t want from brands I don’t know, Sephora Play! started looking like a better and better option.

This is my first Play! box – Play! is still in (rather opaque) waitlist mode, and I subscribed as soon as I got off the waitlist.

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Review: CLEAR by LUE

Since I haven’t exactly been keeping up with my normal skincare regime since starting TCA CROSS, I wasn’t entirely surprised to feel a pimple coming on. Since I haven’t had bad acne for a while, I don’t usually buy spot treatments, but I did receive a full-size bottle of the spot treatment CLEAR by LUE in my last Glossybox, so I figured now was a good a time as any to give it a go.

0.25 fl oz/ 7.5 mL, MSRP $15

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Review: Eyeko “Eye Love” Liner Set

Birchbox upset a lot of subscribers lately by seriously changing up their points program. I haven’t been subscribed for a while, but I did have a few points left, and I had thought I might re-subscribe at some point in the future, but with the new changes that seems unlikely (especially since I just got off of the Sephora Play! waitlist) so I decided to cash out on that.

I picked up the Spornette DeVille Boar Bristle Oval Cushion Hair Brush ($28), Eyeko Eye Love Liner Set ($20, claimed $38 value), and the Mystery Sample Pack (free with purchases > $35). I was able to use my birthday $10 off $50 code because the Mystery Sample Pack value was counted as $10, and then I cashed in $10 in points, so I paid $28 total, which was not bad. Of course, my samples ended up being a shampoo for color-treated hair and a Clarisonic face cleanser, so….not really usable for me right now (given that I’m not shampooing my hair and am being super gentle about washing my face).

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Bareminerals Mystery Box Summary

It’s 3 AM and I should be sleeping, but I’m not at all sleepy because a few days ago I had a weird bout of hiccups that lasted on and off from about 11 am one day to 4 am the next, which was of course fantastic for my sleep schedule.

Every so often Bareminerals releases heavily discounted “mystery boxes” to clear out items that have been discontinued/repackaged/etc. This one was $40 with free shipping and was supposed to have a value of $235. More importantly, it happened to pop up when I had already lazily been contemplating an order so I could pick up my “free” birthday eyeliner (it’s totally free if you go to one of their boutiques).

Anyway, I’ve never bought one of these before, but between the birthday add-on and a 15% off code I figured I’d take the risk. I haven’t tried anything yet because I recently (like, about 30 hours ago) did a TCA CROSS on myself so my face is slathered in antibacterial ointment and/or ensconced in a sun mask (yes, I own that. No, I do not wear it outside). So this is really just an order summary. Anyway.

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